Part Number: 1852

NASA Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement

1852.245-71 Installation-accountable Government property.

1852.245-71 Installation-accountable Government property.

As prescribed in 1845.107–70(b)(1), insert the following clause:

Installation-Accountable Government Property (JUN 2018)

(a) The Government property described in paragraph (c) of this clause may be made available to the Contractor on a no-charge basis for use in performance of this contract. This property shall be utilized only within the physical confines of the NASA installation that provided the property unless authorized by the Contracting Officer under (b)(1)(iv). Under this clause, the Government retains accountability for, and title to, the property, and the Contractor shall comply with the following:

NASA Procedural Requirements (NPR) 4100.1, NASA Materials Inventory Management Manual;

NASA Procedural Requirements (NPR) 4200.1, NASA Equipment Management Procedural Requirements;

NASA Procedural Requirement (NPR) 4300.1, NASA Personal Property Disposal Procedural Requirements;

[Insert any additional property management responsibilities.].

Property not recorded in NASA property systems must be managed in accordance with the requirements of the clause at FAR 52.245–1, as incorporated in this contract.

The Contractor shall establish and adhere to a system of written procedures to assure continued, effective management control and compliance with these user responsibilities. In accordance with FAR 52.245–1(h)(1) the contractor shall be liable for property lost, damaged, destroyed or stolen by the contractor or their employees when determined responsible by a NASA Property Survey Board, in accordance with the NASA guidance in this clause.


(1) The official accountable recordkeeping, financial control, and reporting of the property subject to this clause shall be retained by the Government and accomplished within NASA management information systems prescribed by the installation Supply and Equipment Management Officer (SEMO) and Financial Management Officer. If this contract provides for the Contractor to acquire property, title to which will vest in the Government, the following additional procedures apply:

(i) The Contractor's purchase order shall require the vendor to deliver the property to the installation central receiving area.

(ii) The Contractor shall furnish a copy of each purchase order, prior to delivery by the vendor, to the installation central receiving area.

(iii) The Contractor shall establish a record for Government titled property as required by FAR 52.245–1, as incorporated in this contract, and shall maintain that record until accountability is accepted by the Government.

(iv) Contractor use of Government property at an off-site location and off-site subcontractor use requires advance approval of the Contracting Officer and notification of the Industrial Property Officer. The property shall be considered Government furnished and the Contractor shall assume accountability and financial reporting responsibility. The Contractor shall establish records and property control procedures and maintain the property in accordance with the requirements of FAR 52.245–1, Government Property (as incorporated in this contract), until its return to the installation. NASA Procedural Requirements related to property loans shall not apply to offsite use of property by contractors.

(2) After transfer of accountability to the Government, the Contractor shall continue to maintain such internal records as are necessary to execute the user responsibilities identified in paragraph (a) of this clause and document the acquisition, billing, and disposition of the property. These records and supporting documentation shall be made available, upon request, to the SEMO and any other authorized representatives of the Contracting Officer.

(c) The following property and services are provided if checked:

(1) Office space, work area space, and utilities. Government telephones are available for official purposes only.

(2) Office furniture.

(3) Property listed in [Insert attachment number or “not applicable” if no equipment is provided].

(i) If the Contractor acquires property, title to which vests in the Government pursuant to other provisions of this contract, this property also shall become accountable to the Government upon its entry into Government records.

(ii) The Contractor shall not bring to the installation for use under this contract any property owned or leased by the Contractor, or other property that the Contractor is accountable for under any other Government contract, without the Contracting Officer's prior written approval.

(4) Supplies from stores stock.

(5) Publications and blank forms stocked by the installation.

(6) Safety and fire protection for Contractor personnel and facilities.

(7) Installation service facilities: [Insert the name of the facilities or “none”].

(8) Medical treatment of a first-aid nature for Contractor personnel injuries or illnesses sustained during on-site duty.

(9) Cafeteria privileges for Contractor employees during normal operating hours.

(10) Building maintenance for facilities occupied by Contractor personnel.

(11) Moving and hauling for office moves, movement of large equipment, and delivery of supplies. Moving services may be provided on-site, as approved by the Contracting Officer.

(End of clause)

Alternate I (JAN 2011) As prescribed in 1845.107–70(b)(4), substitute the following for paragraph (b)(1)(i) of the basic clause:

(i) The Contractor shall not utilize the installation's central receiving facility for receipt of contractor-acquired property. However, the Contractor shall provide listings suitable for establishing accountable records of all such property received, on a monthly basis, to the SEMO.