Part Number: 1852

NASA Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement

1852.245-80 Government property management information.

1852.245-80 Government property management information.

As prescribed in 1845.107–70(k)(1), insert the following provision.

Government Property Management Information (JAN 2011)

(a) The offeror shall identify the industry leading or voluntary consensus standards, and/or the industry leading practices, that it intends to employ for the management of Government property under any contract awarded from this solicitation.

(b) The offeror shall provide the date of its last Government property control system analysis along with its overall status, a summary of findings and recommendations, the status of any recommended corrective actions, the name of the Government activity that performed the analysis, and the latest available contact information for that activity.

(c) The offeror shall identify any property it intends to use in performance of this contract from the list of available Government property in the provision at 1852.245–81, List of Available Government Property.

(d) The offeror shall identify all Government property in its possession, provided under other Government contracts that it intends to use in the performance of this contract. The offeror shall also identify: The contract that provided the property, the responsible Contracting Officer, the dates during which the property will be available for use (including the first, last, and all intervening months), and, for any property that will be used concurrently in performing two or more contracts, the amounts of the respective uses in sufficient detail to support prorating the rent, the amount of rent that would otherwise be charged in accordance with FAR 52.245–9, Use and Charges (June 2007), and the contact information for the responsible Government Contracting Officer. The offeror shall provide proof that such use was authorized by the responsible Contracting Officer.

(e) The offeror shall disclose cost accounting practices that allow for direct charging of commercially available equipment, when commercially available equipment is to be used in performance of the contract and the equipment is not a deliverable.

(f) The offeror shall identify, in list form, any equipment that it intends to acquire and directly charge to the Government under this contract. The list shall include a description, manufacturer, model number (when available), quantity required, and estimated unit cost. Equipment approved as part of the award need not be requested under NFS clause 1852.245–70,

(g) The offeror shall disclose its intention to acquire any parts, supplies, materials or equipment, to fabricate an item of equipment for use under any contract resulting from this solicitation when that item of equipment:

Will be titled to the government under the provisions of the contract; is not included as a contract deliverable; and the Contractor intends to charge the costs of materials directly to the contract. The disclosure shall identify the end item or system and shall include all descriptive information, identification numbers (when available), quantities required and estimated costs.

(h) Existing Government property may be reviewed at the following locations, dates, and times: [Enter the appropriate information]

(End of provision)

Alternate 1 (JAN 2011) As prescribed in 1845.107–70(k)(2) add the following paragraph (i).

(i) Existing available Government property listed in the provision at 1852.245–81 is provided “as-is.” NASA makes no warranty regarding its performance or condition. The offeror uses this property at its own risk and should make its own assessment of the property's suitability for use. The equitable adjustment provisions of the clause at 52.245–1, Government Property as included in this solicitation, are not applicable to this property. The offeror must obtain the Contracting Officer's written approval before acquiring replacement property when it intends to charge the cost directly to the contract.