Part Number: 1852

NASA Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement

1852.245-83 Real property management requirements.

1852.245-83 Real property management requirements.

As prescribed in 1845.107–70(n), insert the following clause:

Real Property Management Requirements (JAN 2011)

(a) In addition to the requirements of the FAR Government Property Clause incorporated in this contract (FAR 52.245–1), the Contractor shall comply with the following in performance of any maintenance, construction, modification, demolition, or management activities of any Government real property:

(1) NPD 8800.14, Policy for Real Property Management.

(2) NPR 8831.2, Facility Maintenance Management.

[Insert any real property related Center requirements here]

(b) Within 30 calendar days following award, the Contractor shall provide a plan for maintenance of Government real property provided for use under this contract. The Contractor's maintenance program shall enable the identification, disclosure, and performance of normal and routine preventative maintenance and repair. The Contractor shall disclose and report to the Contracting Officer the need for replacement and/or capital rehabilitation. Upon acceptance by the Contracting Officer, the program shall become a requirement under this contract.

(c) Title to parts replaced by the Contractor in carrying out its normal maintenance obligations shall pass to and vest in the Government upon completion of their installation in the facilities. The Contractor shall keep the property free and clear of all liens and encumbrances.

(d) The Contractor shall keep records of all work done to real property, including plans, drawings, charts, warranties, and manuals. Records shall be complete and current. Record of all transactions shall be auditable. The Government shall have access to these records at all reasonable times, for the purposes of reviewing, inspecting, and evaluating the Contractor's real property management effectiveness. When real property is disposed of under this contract, the Contractor shall deliver the related records to the Government.

(e) The Contracting Officer may direct the Contractor in writing to reduce the work required by the maintenance program authorized in paragraph (b) of this clause at any time.

(End of clause)