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Part Number: 1824

NASA Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement

Subpart 1824.1—Protection of Individual Privacy

Subpart 1824.1—Protection of Individual Privacy

1824.102 General.

(1) For NASA rules and regulations implementing the Privacy Act, see Privacy—NASA Regulations, (14 CFR 1212). The Act applies to any contractor maintaining a system of records to accomplish a NASA mission.

(2) Systems of records to which the Privacy Act does not apply include—

(i) Records maintained by a contractor on individuals employed by the contractor on its own behalf for the purpose of providing supplies and services to the Federal Government; and

(ii) Records that—

(A) Are maintained under contracts with educational institutions to provide training;

(B) Are generated on students working under the contract relative to their attendance (admission forms, grade reports, etc.);

(C) Are similar to those maintained on other students; and

(D) Are commingled with their records on other students.