Part Number: 1334

Commerce Acquisition Regulations

1334.201-70 Policy.

(a) In accordance with the Department's Information Technology Investment Performance Measurement and Performance Reporting Policy, the use of an Earned Value Management System (EVMS) is required for major acquisitions for information technology development in which the development/modernization/enhancement costs are anticipated to equal or exceed $25 million over the life of the acquisition. The Chief Information Officer may require EVMS on other acquisitions if the project merits special attention due to sensitivity, mission criticality, or risk potential.

(b) If a project manager considers the use of an EVMS to be necessary for a major acquisition that does not meet the $25 million threshold, the project manager should conduct a cost/benefit analysis and consult with the OCIO on the advisability of requiring an EVMS.

(c) Project managers, contracting officers, and contracting officer representatives responsible for major acquisitions requiring an EVMS must successfully complete an Earned Value Management course that meets the requirements of the OCIO.

(d) The use of firm-fixed-price type contracts, subcontracts and other agreements are generally not suited to developmental efforts and the use of an EVMS is of limited utility under such arrangements. In the rare cases where a fixed-price type contract is contemplated for a developmental effort, the project manager and contracting officer must consult with the OCIO for guidance to determine whether an EVMS will be required.

(e) The use of an EVMS is generally discouraged for contracts, subcontracts, and other agreements where the period of performance is less than 12 months in duration. Additionally, application of an EVMS to work efforts that are not discrete in nature should be considered on a case-by-case basis.

(f) In cases where the nature of the work does not lend itself to the meaningful use of an EVMS, the OCIO may waive the EVMS requirement if appropriate.