Part Number: 1352

Commerce Acquisition Regulations

1352.215-74 Best value evaluation.

As prescribed in 48 CFR 1315.204-570(b)(2), insert the following provision:

Best Value Evaluation (Date)

(a) Award will be made to the offeror: whose offer conforms to the solicitation requirements; who is determined responsible in accordance with FAR Subpart 9.1 by possessing the financial and other capabilities to fulfill the requirements of the contract; and whose proposal is judged, by an integrated assessment of price/cost and non-price evaluation factors, to provide the best value to the Government in accordance with CAR 1352.215-75, Evaluation Criteria.

(b) The Government intends to award [specify “a single contract” or “multiple contracts”] in response to the solicitation. The Government reserves the right not to award a contract depending on the quality of the proposals submitted and the availability of funds.

(c) Evaluation of Proposals.

(1) Initial Evaluation of Proposals. All offers received will be evaluated in accordance with the stated evaluation factors. The Government reserves the right to make an award without discussions based solely upon initial proposals. Therefore, offerors should ensure that their initial proposal constitutes their best offer in terms of both price and the technical solution being proposed.

If award is not made upon initial proposals, then the Contracting Officer will establish a competitive range comprised of the most highly rated proposals. If the Contracting Officer determines that the number of proposals that would otherwise be in the competitive range exceeds the number at which an efficient competition can be conducted, the Contracting Officer may limit the number of proposals in the competitive range to the greatest number that will permit an efficient competition among the most highly-rated proposals. Only those offerors in the competitive range will be offered an opportunity to participate further in the procurement.

(2) Discussions/Final Proposal Revisions. The Contracting Officer will engage in discussions with all offerors in the competitive range in accordance with FAR 15.306. At the conclusion of discussions, a final common cut-off date for submission of final proposal revisions will be established. Those offerors remaining in the competitive range will be notified to submit Final Proposal Revisions.

(3) Final Evaluation of Offers. A final proposal evaluation will be performed after receipt of Final Proposal Revisions.

(End of clause)