Part Number: 1352

Commerce Acquisition Regulations

1352.215-75 Evaluation criteria.

As prescribed in 48 CFR 1315.204-570(b)(2) and (3), insert the following provision:

Evaluation Criteria (Date)

[This section is to be tailored to conform to individual procurements. Text is provided as an example only.]

In determining which proposal provides the best value to the Government, non-price (technical) evaluation factors are [significantly more important/somewhat more important/approximately equal in importance/somewhat less important/significantly less important] than evaluated price.

[Insert relative importance among the technical evaluation factors.]

Based upon the results of the integrated assessment of the technical and cost/price proposals, the Government may make an award to other than the lowest-priced offeror or the offeror with the highest technical score if the source selection official determines that to do so would result in the best value to the Government.

(a) Technical Evaluation Factors.

Factor 1 - TECHNICAL APPROACH. The proposal will be evaluated on how the offeror intends to organize, staff and manage the contract and the means that will be used to accomplish the contract requirements. The degree to which the proposal demonstrates an understanding of the requirements will be evaluated, as well as the offeror's planned management of consultants and subcontractors, if applicable.

Factor 2 - EXPERIENCE. The offeror's background, experience, and qualifications will be assessed to determine the likelihood that that offeror can successfully perform the contract requirements and the degree of the risk of non-performance.

Factor 3 - KEY PERSONNEL. The education, experience, and accomplishments of key personnel will be evaluated to determine the degree to which they possess the qualifications to perform their proposed duties under the contract.

Factor 4 - PAST PERFORMANCE. The offeror's past performance on related contracts will be evaluated to determine, as appropriate, successful performance of contract requirements, quality and timeliness of delivery of goods and services, effective management of subcontractors, cost management, level of communication between the contracting parties, proactive management and customer satisfaction.

The Government reserves the right to assess the past performance of proposed subcontractors.

The Government will use its discretion to determine the sources of past performance information used in the evaluation, and the information may be obtained from references provided by the offeror, the agency's knowledge of contractor performance, other government agencies or commercial entities, or past performance databases.

If an offeror does not have a history of relevant contract experience, or if past performance information is not available, the offeror will receive a neutral past performance rating; however, an offeror without a history of relevant experience may receive a lowered rating for the experience evaluation factor.

(b) Cost/Price Evaluation.

(1) The proposed prices/costs will be evaluated but not scored. The cost evaluation will determine whether the proposed costs are realistic, complete, and reasonable in relation to the solicitation requirements. Proposed costs must be entirely compatible with the technical proposal.

(2) The Government may use the results of cost/price realism analysis to adjust the offeror's proposal to a most probable cost to the Government. The analysis may include information from a government auditing agency, Government technical personnel, and other sources.

(End of clause)