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13.303-6 Review procedures.

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13.303-6 Review procedures.

13.303-6 Review procedures.

      (a) The contracting officer placing orders under a BPA, or the designated representative of the contracting officer, shall review a sufficient random sample of the BPA files at least annually to ensure that authorized procedures are being followed.

      (b) The contracting officer that entered into the BPA shall-

           (1) Ensure that each BPA is reviewed at least annually and, if necessary, updated at that time; and

           (2) Maintain awareness of changes in market conditions, sources of supply, and other pertinent factors that may warrant making new arrangements with different suppliers or modifying existing arrangements.

      (c) If an office other than the purchasing office that established a BPA is authorized to make purchases under that BPA, the agency that has jurisdiction over the office authorized to make the purchases shall ensure that the procedures in paragraph (a) of this subsection are being followed.