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13.305-2 Agency responsibilities.

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13.305-2 Agency responsibilities.

13.305-2 Agency responsibilities.

Each agency using imprest funds and third party drafts shall-

      (a) Periodically review and determine whether there is a continuing need for each fund or third party draft account established, and that amounts of those funds or accounts are not in excess of actual needs;

      (b) Take prompt action to have imprest funds or third party draft accounts adjusted to a level commensurate with demonstrated needs whenever circumstances warrant such action; and

      (c) Develop and issue appropriate implementing regulations. These regulations shall include (but are not limited to) procedures covering-

           (1) Designation of personnel authorized to make purchases using imprest funds or third party drafts; and

           (2) Documentation of purchases using imprest funds or third party drafts, including documentation of-

                (i) Receipt and acceptance of supplies and services by the Government;

                (ii) Receipt of cash or third party draft payments by the suppliers; and

                (iii) Cash advances and reimbursements.