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FAC Number: 2024-03
Effective Date: 02/23/2024

14.201-2 Part I—The Schedule.

14.201-2 Part I—The Schedule.

The contracting officer shall prepare the Schedule as follows:

(a) Section A, Solicitation/contract form.

(1) Prepare the invitation for bids on SF 33, unless otherwise permitted by this regulation. The SF 33 is the first page of the solicitation and includes Section A of the uniform contract format. When the SF 1447 is used as the solicitation document, the information in subdivisions (a)(2)(i) and (a)(2)(iv) of this subsection shall be inserted in block9 of the SF 1447.

(2) When the SF 33 or SF 1447 is not used, include the following on the first page of the invitation for bids:

(i) Name, address, and location of issuing activity, including room and building where bids must be submitted.

(ii) Invitation for bids number.

(iii) Date of issuance.

(iv) Time specified for receipt of bids.

(v) Number of pages.

(vi) Requisition or other purchase authority.

(vii) Requirement for bidder to provide its name and complete address, including street, city, county, state, and ZIP code.

(viii) A statement that bidders should include in the bid the address to which payment should be mailed, if that address is different from that of the bidder.

(b) Section B, Supplies or services and prices. Include a brief description of the supplies or services; e.g., line item number, national stock number/part number if applicable, title or name identifying the supplies or services, and quantities (see part  11). The SF 33 and the SF 1447 may be supplemented as necessary by the OptionalForm336 ( OF 336), Continuation Sheet.

(c) Section C, Description/specifications. Include any description or specifications needed in addition to Section B to permit full and open competition (see part  11).

(d) Section D, Packaging and marking. Provide packaging, packing, preservation, and marking requirements, if any.

(e) Section E, Inspection and acceptance. Include inspection, acceptance, quality assurance, and reliability requirements (see part  46, Quality Assurance).

(f) Section F, Deliveries or performance. Specify the requirements for time, place, and method of delivery or performance (see subpart  11.4, Delivery or Performance Schedules).

(g) Section G, Contract administration data. Include any required accounting and appropriation data and any required contract administration information or instructions other than those on the solicitation form.

(h) Section H, Special contract requirements. Include a clear statement of any special contract requirements that are not included in Section I, Contract clauses, or in other sections of the uniform contract format.

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