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15.606-2 Evaluation.

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15.606-2 Evaluation.

15.606-2 Evaluation.

      (a)Comprehensive evaluations shall be coordinated by the agency contact point, who shall attach or imprint on each unsolicited proposal, circulated for evaluation, the legend required by 15.609(d). When performing a comprehensive evaluation of an unsolicited proposal, evaluators shall consider the following factors, in addition to any others appropriate for the particular proposal:

           (1)Unique, innovative, and meritorious methods, approaches, or concepts demonstrated by the proposal;

           (2)Overall scientific, technical, or socioeconomic merits of the proposal;

           (3)Potential contribution of the effort to the agency’s specific mission;

           (4)The offeror’s capabilities, related experience, facilities, techniques, or unique combinations of these that are integral factors for achieving the proposal objectives;

           (5)The qualifications, capabilities, and experience of the proposed principal investigator, team leader, or key personnel critical to achieving the proposal objectives; and

           (6)The realism of the proposed cost.

      (b)The evaluators shall notify the agency point of contact of their recommendations when the evaluation is completed.