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FAC Number: 2024-03
Effective Date: 02/23/2024

17.106-2 Solicitations.

17.106-2 Solicitations.

Solicitations for multi-year contracts shall reflect all the factors to be considered for evaluation, specifically including the following:

(a) The requirements, by item of supply or service, for the-

(1) First program year; and

(2) Multi-year contract including the requirements for each program year.

(b) Criteria for comparing the lowest evaluated submission on the first program year requirements to the lowest evaluated submission on the multi-year requirements.

(c) A provision that, if the Government determines before award that only the first program year requirements are needed, the Government’s evaluation of the price or estimated cost and fee shall consider only the firstyear.

(d) A provision specifying a separate cancellation ceiling (on a percentage or dollar basis) and dates applicable to each program year subject to a cancellation (see 17.106-1(c) and (d)).

(e) A statement that award will not be made on less than the first program year requirements.

(f) The Government’s administrative costs of annual contracting may be used as a factor in the evaluation only if they can be reasonably established and are stated in the solicitation.

(g) The cancellation ceiling shall not be an evaluation factor.

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