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FAC Number: 2024-03
Effective Date: 02/23/2024

17.203 Solicitations.

17.203 Solicitations.

(a) Solicitations shall include appropriate option provisions and clauses when resulting contracts will provide for the exercise of options (see 17.208).

(b) Solicitations containing option provisions shall state the basis of evaluation, either exclusive or inclusive of the option and, when appropriate, shall inform offerors that it is anticipated that the Government may exercise the option at time of award.

(c) Solicitations normally should allow option quantities to be offered without limitation as to price, and there shall be no limitation as to price if the option quantity is to be considered in the evaluation for award (see 17.206).

(d) Solicitations that allow the offer of options at unit prices which differ from the unit prices for the basic requirement shall state that offerors may offer varying prices for options, depending on the quantities actually ordered and the dates when ordered.

(e) If it is anticipated that the Government may exercise an option at the time of award and if the condition specified in paragraph (d) of this section applies, solicitations shall specify the price at which the Government will evaluate the option (highest option price offered or option price for specified requirements).

(f) Solicitations may, in unusual circumstances, require that options be offered at prices no higher than those for the initial requirement; e.g., when-

(1) The option cannot be evaluated under 17.206; or;

(2) Future competition for the option is impracticable.

(g) Solicitations that require the offering of an option at prices no higher than those for the initial requirement shall-

(1) Specify that the Government will accept an offer containing an option price higher than the base price only if the acceptance does not prejudice any other offeror; and

(2) Limit option quantities for additional supplies to not more than 50 percent of the initial quantity of the same line item. In unusual circumstances, an authorized person at a level above the contracting officer may approve a greater percentage of quantity.

(h) Include the value of options in determining if the acquisition will exceed the World Trade Organization Government Procurement Agreement or Free Trade Agreement thresholds.

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