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FAC Number: 2024-05
Effective Date: 05/22/2024

19.804-1 Agency evaluation.

19.804-1 Agency evaluation.

In determining the extent to which a requirement should be offered in support of the 8(a) program, the agency should evaluate-

(a) Current and future plans to acquire the specific items or work that 8(a) participants are seeking to provide, identified in terms of-

(1) Estimated quantities of the supplies or services required or the estimated number of construction projects planned;

(2) Length of contract, including option periods (see 19.812(d)); and

(3)  Performance or delivery requirements, including–

(i) Required monthly production rates, when applicable; and

(ii) For construction, the geographical location where work is to be performed;

(b) The impact of any delay in delivery;

(c) Whether the items or work have previously been acquired using small business set-asides, and the date the items or work were acquired;

(d) Problems encountered in previous acquisitions of the items or work from the 8(a) participants or other contractors; and

(e) Any other pertinent information about known 8(a) participants, the items, or the work. This includes any information concerning the participants' products or capabilities. When necessary, the contracting agency shall make an independent review of the factors in 19.803(a) and other aspects of the participants' capabilities which would ensure the satisfactory performance of the requirement being considered for commitment to the 8(a) program.

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