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FAC Number: 2024-05
Effective Date: 05/22/2024

28.106-6 Furnishing information.

28.106-6 Furnishing information.

(a) The surety on the bond, upon its written request, may be furnished information on the progress of the work, payments, and the estimated percentage of completion, concerning the contract for which the bond was furnished.

(b) When a payment bond has been provided, the contracting officer shall, upon request, furnish the name and address of the surety or sureties to any subcontractor or supplier who has furnished or been requested to furnish labor or material for the contract. In addition, general information concerning the work progress, payments, and the estimated percentage of completion may be furnished to persons who have provided labor or materials and have not been paid.

(c) When a payment bond has been provided for a contract, the head of the agency or designee shall furnish a certified copy of the bond and the contract for which it was given to any person who makes a request therefor and who furnishes an affidavit that the requestor has supplied labor or materials for such work and payment therefor has not been made or that the requestor is being sued on such bond. The person who makes the request shall be required to pay such costs of preparation as determined by the head of the agency or designee to be reasonable and appropriate (see 40 U.S.C.3133).

(d) Section 806(a)(2) of Public Law 102-190, as amended by sections 2091 and 8105 of Public Law 103-355 ( 10 U.S.C. 4601 note prec.), requires that the Federal Government provide information to subcontractors on payment bonds under contracts for other than commercial products or commercial services as defined in subpart  2.1. Upon the written or oral request of a subcontractor/supplier, or prospective subcontractor/supplier, under a contract with respect to which a payment bond has been furnished pursuant to the Bonds statute, the contracting officer shall promptly provide to the requester, either orally or in writing, as appropriate, any of the following:

(1) Name and address of the surety or sureties on the payment bond.

(2) Penal amount of the payment bond.

(3) Copy of the payment bond. The contracting officer may impose reasonable fees to cover the cost of copying and providing a copy of the payment bond.

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