FAC Number: 2022-08
Effective Date: 10/28/2022

31.205-25 Manufacturing and production engineering costs.

      (a) The costs of manufacturing and production engineering effort as described in (1) through (4) of this paragraph are all allowable:

           (1) Developing and deploying new or improved materials, systems, processes, methods, equipment, tools and techniques that are or are expected to be used in producing products or services;

           (2) Developing and deploying pilot production lines;

           (3) Improving current production functions, such as plant layout, production scheduling and control, methods and job analysis, equipment capabilities and capacities, inspection techniques, and tooling analysis (including tooling design and application improvements); and

           (4) Material and manufacturing producibility analysis for production suitability and to optimize manufacturing processes, methods, and techniques.

      (b) This cost principle does not cover-

           (1) Basic and applied research effort (as defined in 31.205-18(a)) related to new technology, materials, systems, processes, methods, equipment, tools and techniques. Such technical effort is governed by 31.205-18, Independent research and development and bid and proposal costs; and

           (2) Development effort for manufacturing or production materials, systems, processes, methods, equipment, tools, and techniques that are intended for sale is also governed by 31.205-18.

      (c) Where manufacturing or production development costs are capitalized or required to be capitalized under the contractor’s capitalization policies, allowable cost will be determined in accordance with the requirements of 31.205-11, Depreciation.

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