FAC Number: 2022-08
Effective Date: 10/28/2022

32.304-7 Contract surety bonds and loan guarantees.

      (a) Contract surety bonds are incompatible with the Government’s interests under guaranteed loans, unless the interests of the surety are subordinated to the guaranteed loan.

      (b) If a substantial share of the contractor’s defense contracts are covered by surety bonds, or the amount of the bond is substantial in relation to the contractor’s net worth, the agency shall not authorize the guarantee of a loan on a bonded contract unless the surety enters into an agreement with the financing institution to subordinate the surety’s rights and claims in favor of the guaranteed loan.

      (c) The agency approval of a guarantee for a loan involving relatively substantial subcontracts covered by surety bonds shall also depend on the establishment of a reasonable allocation agreement between the sureties and the financing institution. The agreement should give the financing institution the benefit, with regard to payments to be made on the contract, of the portion of its loans fairly attributable to expenditures made under the bonded subcontracts before notice of default.

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