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FAC Number: 2024-03
Effective Date: 02/23/2024

32.404 Exclusions.

32.404 Exclusions.

(a) This subpart does not apply to advance payments authorized by law for-

(1) Rent;

(2) Tuition;

(3) Insurance premiums;

(4) Expenses of investigations in foreign countries;

(5) Extension or connection of public utilities for Government buildings or installations;

(6) Subscriptions to publications;

(7) Purchases of supplies or services in foreign countries, if-

(i) The purchase price does not exceed $15,000 (or equivalent amount of the applicable foreign currency); and

(ii) The advance payment is required by the laws or government regulations of the foreign country concerned;

(8) Enforcement of the customs or narcotics laws; or

(9) Other types of transactions excluded by agency procedures under statutory authority.

(b) Agencies may issue their own instructions to deal with advance payment items in paragraph (a) of this section authorized under statutes relevant to their agencies.

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