FAC Number: 2024-01
Effective Date: 11/14/2023

32.804 Extent of assignee’s protection.

32.804 Extent of assignee’s protection.

(a) No payments made by the Government to the assignee under any contract assigned in accordance with the Act may be recovered on account of any liability of the contractor to the Government. This immunity of the assignee is effective whether the contractor’s liability arises from or independently of the assigned contract.

(b) Except as provided in paragraph (c) of this section, the inclusion of a no-setoff commitment in an assigned contract entitles the assignee to receive contract payments free of reduction or setoff for-

(1) Any liability of the contractor to the Government arising independently of the contract; and

(2) Any of the following liabilities of the contractor to the Government arising from the assigned contract:

(i) Renegotiation under any statute or contract clause.

(ii) Fines.

(iii) Penalties, exclusive of amounts that may be collected or withheld from the contractor under, or for failure to comply with, the terms of the contract.

(iv) Taxes or social security contributions.

(v) Withholding or nonwithholding of taxes or social security contributions.

(c) In some circumstances, a setoff may be appropriate even though the assigned contract includes a no-setoff commitment; e.g.-

(1) When the assignee has neither made a loan under the assignment nor made a commitment to do so; or

(2) To the extent that the amount due on the contract exceeds the amount of any loans made or expected to be made under a firm commitment for financing.

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