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36.213-2 Presolicitation notices.

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36.213-2 Presolicitation notices.

36.213-2 Presolicitation notices.

      (a) Unless the requirement is waived by the head of the contracting activity or a designee, the contracting officer shall issue presolicitation notices on any construction requirement when the proposed contract is expected to exceed the simplified acquisition threshold. Presolicitation notices may also be used when the proposed contract is not expected to exceed the simplified acquisition threshold. These notices shall be issued sufficiently in advance of the invitation for bids to stimulate the interest of the greatest number of prospective bidders.

      (b) Presolicitation notices must-

           (1) Describe the proposed work in sufficient detail to disclose the nature and volume of work (in terms of physical characteristics and estimated price range) (see 36.204);

           (2) State the location of the work;

           (3) Include tentative dates for issuing invitations, opening bids, and completing contract performance;

           (4) State where plans will be available for inspection without charge;

           (5) Specify a date by which requests for the invitation for bids should be submitted;

           (6) State whether award is restricted to small businesses;

           (7) Specify any amount to be charged for solicitation documents; and

           (8) Be publicized through the Governmentwide point of entry in accordance with 5.204.