FAC Number: 2022-08
Effective Date: 09/23/2022

47.202 Presolicitation planning.

Contracting officers shall inform activities that plan to acquire transportation or transportation-related services of the applicable lead-time requirements, that is-

      (a) The Service Contract Labor Standards statute requirement to obtain a wage determination by accessing the Wage Determinations at SAM.gov website ( https://www.sam.gov) using the Wage Determinations at SAM.gov process or by submitting a request directly to the Department of Labor on this website using the e98 process before the issuance of an invitation for bid, request for proposal, or commencement of negotiations for any contract exceeding $2,500 that may be subject to the Service Contract Labor Standards statute (see subpart  22.10);

      (b) The possible requirement to provide, during the solicitation period, time for prospective offerors or contractors to inspect origin and destination locations; or

      (c) The possible requirement for inspection by agency personnel of prospective contractor facilities and equipment.

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