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FAC Number: 2024-02
Effective Date: 01/22/2024

49.402-2 Effect of termination for default.

49.402-2 Effect of termination for default.

(a) Under a termination for default, the Government is not liable for the contractor’s costs on undelivered work and is entitled to the repayment of advance and progress payments, if any, applicable to that work. The Government may elect, under the Default clause, to require the contractor to transfer title and deliver to the Government completed supplies and manufacturing materials, as directed by the contracting officer.

(b) The contracting officer shall not use the Default clause as authority to acquire any completed supplies or manufacturing materials unless it has been ascertained that the Government does not already have title under some other provision of the contract. The contracting officer shall acquire manufacturing materials under the Default clause for furnishing to another contractor only after considering the difficulties the other contractor may have in using the materials.

(c) Subject to paragraph (d) of this section, the Government shall pay the contractor the contract price for any completed supplies, and the amount agreed upon by the contracting officer and the contractor for any manufacturing materials, acquired by the Government under the Default clause.

(d) The Government must be protected from overpayment that might result from failure to provide for the Government’s potential liability to laborers and material suppliers for lien rights outstanding against the completed supplies or materials after the Government has paid the contractor for them. To accomplish this, before paying for supplies or materials, the contracting officer shall take one or more of the following measures:

(1) Ascertain whether the payment bonds, if any, furnished by the contractor are adequate to satisfy all lienors’ claims or whether it is feasible to obtain similar bonds to cover outstanding liens.

(2) Require the contractor to furnish appropriate statements from laborers and material suppliers disclaiming any lien rights they may have to the supplies and materials.

(3) Obtain appropriate agreement by the Government, the contractor, and lienors ensuring release of the Government from any potential liability to the contractor or lienors.

(4) Withhold from the amount due for the supplies or materials any amount the contracting officer determines necessary to protect the Government’s interest, but only if the measures in paragraphs (d)(1), (2), and (3) of this section cannot be accomplished or are considered inadequate.

(5) Take other appropriate action considering the circumstances and the degree of the contractor’s solvency.

(e) The contractor is liable to the Government for any excess costs incurred in acquiring supplies and services similar to those terminated for default (see 49.402-6), and for any other damages, whether or not repurchase is effected (see 49.402-7).

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