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FAC Number: 2024-04
Effective Date: 05/01/2024

50.103-6 Disposition.

50.103-6 Disposition.

When approving or denying a contractor’s request made in accordance with 50.103-3(a), the approving authority shall sign and date a Memorandum of Decision containing-

(a) The contractor’s name and address, the contract identification, and the nature of the request;

(b) A concise description of the supplies or services involved;

(c) The decision reached and the actual cost or estimated potential cost involved, if any;

(d) A statement of the circumstances justifying the decision;

(e) Identification of any of the foregoing information classified "Confidential" or higher (instead of being included in the memorandum, such information may be set forth in a separate classified document referenced in the memorandum); and

(f) If some adjustment is approved, a statement in substantially the following form: "I find that the action authorized herein will facilitate the national defense." The case files supporting this statement will show the derivation and rationale for the dollar amount of the award. When the dollar amount exceeds the amounts supported by audit or other independent reviews, the approving authority will further document the rationale for deviating from the recommendation.

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