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FAC Number: 2024-05
Effective Date: 05/22/2024

50.205-2 Pre-qualification designation notice.

50.205-2 Pre-qualification designation notice.

(a) Requiring activity responsibilities.

(1) If the requiring activity determines that the technology to be acquired may qualify for SAFETY Act protection, the requiring activity is responsible for requesting a pre-qualification designation notice from DHS. Such a request for a pre-qualification designation notice should be made once the requiring activity has determined that the technology specifications or statement of work are established and are unlikely to undergo substantive modification. DHS will then determine whether the technology identified in the request either affirmatively or presumptively satisfies the technical criteria for SAFETY Act designation. An affirmative determination means the technology described in the pre-qualification designation notice satisfies the technical criteria for SAFETY Act designation as a QATT. A presumptive determination means that the technology is a good candidate for SAFETY Act designation as a QATT. In either case, the notice will authorize offerors to-

(i) Submit a streamlined application for SAFETY Act designation; and

(ii) Receive expedited review of their application for SAFETY Act designation.

(2) The requiring activity shall make requests using the procurement pre-qualification request form available at The website includes instructions for completing and submitting the form.

(3) The requiring activity shall provide a copy of the request, as well as a copy of the resulting pre-qualification designation notice or DHS denial, to the contracting officer.

(b) Contracting officer responsibilities. Upon receipt of the documentation specified in paragraph (a)(3) of this subsection, the contracting officer shall-

(1) Include in any pre-solicitation notice ( subpart  5.2) that a pre-qualification designation notice has been-

(i) Requested and is under review by DHS;

(ii) Denied by DHS; or

(iii) Issued and a copy will be included with the solicitation; and

(2) Incorporate the pre-qualification designation notice into the solicitation.

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