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51.203 Means of obtaining service.

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51.203 Means of obtaining service.

51.203 Means of obtaining service.

      (a) Authorized contractors shall submit requests for interagency fleet management system (IFMS) vehicles and related services in writing to the appropriate GSA regional Federal Supply Service Bureau, Attention: Regional fleet manager, except that requests for more than five vehicles shall be submitted to:

     General Services Administration FBF Washington DC 20406,

     and not to the regions. Each request shall include the following:

           (1) Two copies of the agency authorization to obtain vehicles and related services from GSA.

           (2) The number of vehicles and related services required and period of use.

           (3) A list of the contractor’s employees who are authorized to request vehicles and related services.

           (4) A listing of the make, model, and serial numbers of contractor-owned or-leased equipment authorized to be serviced.

           (5) Billing instructions and address.

      (b) Contractors requesting unusual quantities of vehicles should do so as far in advance as possible to facilitate availability.