FAC Number: 2022-08
Effective Date: 09/23/2022

52.214-3 Amendments to Invitations for Bids.

As prescribed in 14.201-6(b)(1), insert the following provision:

Amendments to Invitations for Bids (Dec 2016)

      (a) If this solicitation is amended, then all terms and conditions which are not modified remain unchanged.


(1) Bidders shall acknowledge receipt of any amendment to this solicitation-

                (i) By signing and returning the amendment;

                (ii) By identifying the amendment number and date in space provided for this purpose on the form for submitting a bid;

                (iii) By letter;

                (iv) By facsimile, if facsimile bids are authorized in the solicitation; or

                (v) By email, if email bids are authorized in the solicitation.

           (2) The Government must receive the acknowledgement by the time and at the place specified for receipt of bids.

(End of provision)

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