FAC Number: 2022-08
Effective Date: 09/23/2022

52.230-7 Proposal Disclosure-Cost Accounting Practice Changes.

As prescribed in 30.201-3(c), insert the following provision:

Proposal Disclosure-Cost Accounting Practice Changes (Apr 2005)

The offeror shall check "yes" below if the contract award will result in a required or unilateral change in cost accounting practice, including unilateral changes requested to be desirable changes.

 Yes    No

If the offeror checked "Yes" above, the offeror shall-

           (1) Prepare the price proposal in response to the solicitation using the changed practice for the period of performance for which the practice will be used; and

           (2) Submit a description of the changed cost accounting practice to the Contracting Officer and the Cognizant Federal Agency Official as pricing support for the proposal.

(End of provision)

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