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FAC Number: 2024-05
Effective Date: 05/22/2024

52.246-15 Certificate of Conformance.

52.246-15 Certificate of Conformance.

As prescribed in 46.315 , insert the following clause in solicitations and contracts for supplies or services when the conditions in 46.504 apply:

Certificate of Conformance (Apr 1984)

(a) When authorized in writing by the cognizant Contract Administration Office (CAO), the Contractor shall ship with a Certificate of Conformance any supplies for which the contract would otherwise require inspection at source. In no case shall the Government’s right to inspect supplies under the inspection provisions of this contract be prejudiced. Shipments of such supplies will not be made under this contract until use of the Certificate of Conformance has been authorized in writing by the CAO, or inspection and acceptance have occurred.

(b) The Contractor’s signed certificate shall be attached to or included on the top copy of the inspection or receiving report distributed to the payment office or attached to the CAO copy when contract administration (Block10 of the DDForm250) is performed by the Defense Contract Administration Services. In addition, a copy of the signed certificate shall also be attached to or entered on copies of the inspection or receiving report accompanying the shipment.

(c) The Government has the right to reject defective supplies or services within a reasonable time after delivery by written notification to the Contractor. The Contractor shall in such event promptly replace, correct, or repair the rejected supplies or services at the Contractor’s expense.

(d) The certificate shall read as follows:

I certify that on ______ [insert date], the ____ [insert Contractor’s name] furnished the supplies or services called for by Contract No._____ via ____ [Carrier] on ________ [identify the bill of lading or shipping document] in accordance with all applicable requirements. I further certify that the supplies or services are of the quality specified and conform in all respects with the contract requirements, including specifications, drawings, preservation, packaging, packing, marking requirements, and physical item identification (part number), and are in the quantity shown on this or on the attached acceptance document.

Date of Execution: ________________________________ Signature: _______________________________________ Title: ____________________________________________

(End of clause)

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