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8.1103 Contract requirements.

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8.1103 Contract requirements.

8.1103 Contract requirements.

Contracting officers shall include the following items in each contract for leasing motor vehicles:

      (a) Scope of contract.

      (b) Method of computing payments.

      (c) A listing of the number and type of vehicles required, and the equipment and accessories to be provided with each vehicle.

      (d) Responsibilities of the contractor or the Government for furnishing gasoline, motor oil, antifreeze, and similar items.

      (e) Unless it is determined that it will be more economical for the Government to perform the work, a statement that the contractor shall perform all maintenance on the vehicles.

      (f) A statement as to the applicability of pertinent State and local laws and regulations, and the responsibility of each party for compliance with them.

      (g) Responsibilities of the contractor or the Government for emergency repairs and services.