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FAC Number: 2024-03
Effective Date: 02/23/2024

8.406-1 Order placement.

8.406-1 Order placement.

(a) Ordering activities may place orders orally, except for-

(1) Supplies and services not requiring a statement of work exceeding the simplified acquisition threshold;

(2) Services requiring a statement of work (SOW); and

(3) Orders containing brand-name specifications that exceed $25,000.

(b) Ordering activities may use Optional Form 347, an agency-prescribed form, or an established electronic communications format to order supplies or services from schedule contracts.

(c) The ordering activity shall place an order directly with the contractor in accordance with the terms and conditions of the price lists (see 8.402(b)). Prior to placement of the order, the ordering activity shall ensure that the regulatory and statutory requirements of the requiring agency have been applied.

(d) Orders shall include the following information in addition to any information required by the schedule contract:

(1) Complete shipping and billing addresses.

(2) Contract number and date.

(3) Agency order number.

(4) F.o.b. delivery point; i.e., origin or destination.

(5) Discount terms.

(6) Delivery time or period of performance.

(7) Special item number or national stock number.

(8) Line item or subline item.

(9) A statement of work for services, when required, or a brief, complete description of each item (when ordering by model number, features and options such as color, finish, and electrical characteristics, if available, must be specified).

(10) Quantity and any variation in quantity.

(11) Number of units.

(12) Unit price.

(13) Total price of order.

(14) Points of inspection and acceptance.

(15) Other pertinent data; e.g., delivery instructions or receiving hours and size-of-truck limitation.

(16) Marking requirements.

(17) Level of preservation, packaging, and packing.

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