Change Number: Change 157 GSAM Case 2022-G511
Effective Date: 12/07/2022

552.238-111 Environmental Protection Agency Registration Requirement.

As prescribed in 538.273(d)(35) insert the following clause:

Environmental Protection Agency Registration Requirement (JAN 2022)

      (a)  With respect to the products described in this solicitation which require registration with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), as required by the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act, Section 3, Registration of Pesticides, awards will be made only for such products that have been assigned an EPA registration number, prior to the time of bid opening.

      (b)  The offeror shall insert in the spaces provided in this section, the manufacturer's and/or distributor's name and the “EPA Registration Number” for each item offered. Any offer which does not specify a current “EPA Registration Number” in effect for the duration of the contract period, and including the manufacturer's and/or distributor's name will be rejected.

      (c) If, during the performance of a contract awarded as a result of this solicitation, the EPA Registration Number for products being furnished is terminated, withdrawn, canceled, or suspended, and such action does not arise out of causes beyond the control, and with the fault or negligence of the Contractor or subcontractor, the Government may terminate the contract pursuant to either the Default Clause or Termination for Cause Paragraph (contained in the clause 52.212-4, Contract Terms and Conditions-Commercial Products and Commercial Services), whichever is applicable to the resultant contract.

(End of clause)