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Change Number: Change 178 GSAR Case 2020-G511
Effective Date: 03/25/2024

552.238-91 Marking and Documentation Requirements for Shipping.

552.238-91 Marking and Documentation Requirements for Shipping.

As prescribed in 538.273 (d)(15) insert the following clause:

Marking and Documentation Requirements for Shipping (May 2019)

(a) Responsibility. It shall be the responsibility of the ordering activity to determine the full marking and documentation requirements necessary under the various methods of shipment authorized by the contract.

(b) Documentation. In the event the ordering activity fails to provide the essential information and documentation, the Contractor shall, within three days after receipt of order, contact the ordering activity and advise them accordingly. The Contractor shall not proceed with any shipment requiring transshipment via U.S. Government facilities without the prerequisites stated in paragraph (c) of this section.

(c) Direct shipments. The Contractor shall mark all items ordered against this contract with indelible ink, paint or fluid, as follows:

(1) Traffic Management or Transportation Officer at FINAL destination.

(2) Ordering Supply Account Number.

(3) Account number.

(4) Delivery Order or Purchase Order Number.

(5) National Stock Number, if applicable; or Contractor's item number.

(6) Box ________ of ________ Boxes.

(7) Nomenclature (brief description of items).

(End of clause)