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Part Number: 1845

NASA Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement

1845.7101-2 Transfers of property.

1845.7101-2 Transfers of property.

A transfer is a change in accountability between and among prime contracts, NASA Centers, and other Government agencies (e.g., between contracts of the same NASA Center, contracts of different NASA Centers, a contract of one NASA Center to another, a NASA Center to a contract of another NASA Center, and a contract to another Government agency or its contract). To enable NASA to properly control and account for all transfers, they shall be adequately documented. Adequate documentation includes the appropriate dollar amount of the asset(s) transferred (as prescribed in 1845.7101–3) and the formal, signed NASA or contractor authorization approving the transfer. In addition, procurement, property, and financial organizations at NASA Centers must effect all transfers of accountability, although physical shipment and receipt of property may be made directly by contractors. The procedures described in this section shall be followed to provide an administrative and audit trail, even if property is physically shipped directly from one contractor to another. Property shipped between September 1 and September 30, inclusively, shall be accounted for and reported by the shipping contractor, regardless of the method of shipment, unless written evidence of receipt at destination has been received. Repairables provided under fixed price repair contracts that include the clause at 1852.245–72, Liability for Government Property Furnished for Repair or Other Services, remain accountable to the cognizant NASA Center and are not reportable on NF 1018; repairables provided under a cost-reimbursement contract, however, are accountable to the contractor and reportable on NF 1018. All materials provided to conduct repairs are reportable, regardless of contract type.

(a) Approval and notification. The contractor must obtain approval of the contracting officer or designee for transfers of property off the prime contract before shipment. Each shipping document must be signed by the contracting officer or designee demonstrating such approval. Each shipping document must contain contract numbers, shipping references, property classifications in which the items are recorded (including Federal Supply Classification group (FSC) codes for equipment), unit acquisition costs (as defined in 1845.7101–3, Unit Acquisition Cost), original Government acquisition dates for items with a unit acquisition cost of $500,000 or more and a useful life of two years or more, and any other appropriate identifying or descriptive data. Where the DD Form 250, Material Inspection and Receiving Report, is used, the FSC code will be part of the national stock number (NSN) entered in Block 16 or, if the NSN is not provided, the FSC alone shall be shown in Block 16. The original Government acquisition date shall be shown in Block 23, by item. Other formats, such as the DD Form 1149, Requisition and Invoice/Shipping Document, should be clearly annotated with the required information. Unit acquisition costs shall be obtained from records maintained pursuant to FAR part 45 and this part 1845, or, for uncompleted items where property records have not yet been established, from such other record systems as are appropriate such as manufacturing or engineering records used for work control and billing purposes. Shipping contractors shall furnish a copy of the formally approved shipping document to the cognizant property administrator. Shipping and receiving contractors shall promptly submit copies of shipping and receiving documents to the Center Deputy Chief Financial Officer, Finance, responsible for their respective contracts when accountability for NASA property is transferred to, or received from, other contracts, contractors, NASA Centers, or Government agencies.

(b) Reclassification. If property is transferred to another contract or contractor, the receiving contractor shall record the property in the same property classification and amount appearing on the shipping document. For example, when a contractor receives an item from another contractor that is identified on the shipping document as equipment, but that the recipient intends to incorporate into special test equipment, the recipient shall first record the item in the equipment account and subsequently reclassify it as special test equipment. Reclassification of equipment, special tooling, special test equipment, or agency-peculiar property requires prior approval of the contracting officer or a designee.

(c) Incomplete documentation. If contractors receive transfer documents having insufficient detail to properly record the transfer (e.g., omission of property classification, FSC, unit acquisition cost, Government acquisition date, required signatures, etc.) they shall request the omitted data directly from the shipping contractor or through the property administrator. The contracting officer shall assist the Government Property Administrator and the receiving contractor to obtain all required information for the receiving contractor to establish adequate property records.