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Change Number: DAFAC 2024-0612
Effective Date: 06/12/2024

Part 5307 - Acquisition Planning

Part 5307 - Acquisition Planning

Subpart 5307.1 - ACQUISITION PLANS

5307.103 Agency Head Responsibilities.

(d) The tailorable Contract Type Determination and Findings template at 5316.103(d) may be used to document contract type selections for acquisitions not requiring a written acquisition plan.

(e) Prepare written acquisition plans in accordance with FAR 7.103 and the dollar thresholds identified at DFARS 207.103(d)(i). Notwithstanding the requirements DFARS 207.103(e), acquisition plans may be written on a program basis when the requiring activity chooses to write a single plan for all known program actions or on an individual contract basis when there is only one contract, task or delivery order to be covered by the plan. An acquisition plan is not required for individual orders when the contract-level acquisition plan adequately covers all anticipated orders and the order is issued IAW the terms of the basic contract.

(h) Contracting officers shall maintain decision support information in the contract file for acquisitions that do not require written acquisition plans as well as those that do. Where a written plan is not required, contract documentation such as memoranda for record, market research reports (i.e., Streamlined Market Acquisition Approach Document (SMRAA)), and Streamlined Acquisition Strategy Summary (SASS) may be used to record acquisition pre-award decisions and risk assessment information. The acquisition team shall ensure consistency among requirements, acquisition planning, market research, and solicitation documents and, to the extent practicable, avoid duplication of information between documents (e.g., by referencing content).

(i) Unless otherwise designated by the acquisition approving authority, the planner for acquisitions is the program manager, or other official responsible for the program (i.e., requiring activity).

(j) The Senior Contracting Official (SCO) holds acquisition approving authority unless otherwise designated in DAFI 63-101/20-101 , Integrated Life Cycle Management and DAFI 63-138, Acquisition of Services. Unless otherwise prohibited by regulation or policy, the acquisition approving authority may delegate acquisition plan approval to one level above the contracting officer for other than firm-fixed-price contracts and the contracting officer for firm-fixed-price contracts.

(l) An Acquisition Plan template is available for preparing written acquisition plans.

(m) Only the acquisition approving authority may waive requirements of detail and formality.

5307.104 General Procedures

(a)(1) Where a written acquisition plan is required, an Acquisition Strategy Panel (ASP) shall be convened and chaired by the acquisition approving authority. ASP shall consist of members responsible for significant aspects of the acquisition, such as contracting, small business, fiscal, legal, and technical personnel. Unless waived by the acquisition approving authority, an ASP briefing shall be prepared by the planner and presented to the acquisition plan approving authority to allow discussion of the proposed strategy and promote an informed decision prior to approval of the plan. Written ASP briefing material may serve as the written acquisition plan provided documents address the acquisition plan content requirements of FAR 7.105 and DFARS 207.105. Acquisition planning templates, including ASP briefing templates, can be found on by using the AF Acquisition Process Model tool.

(2) Regardless of dollar value, if a proposed change is for a new work outside the scope of the original acquisition plan, a revised acquisition plan based on the value of the new work shall be prepared. Whenever significant changes occur, the planner shall prepare a revised acquisition plan and a statement that summarizes the changes and obtain concurrence of the ASP and approval from the acquisition approving authority.

(c) Before convening an ASP for DAF programs greater than $1B, the planner shall also coordinate with the DAF Intellectual Property (IP) Cadre (SAF/AQCC) in acquisition planning. Planners may coordinate with DAF IP Cadre on acquisition strategies of any dollar value where advice and assistance are needed to develop a robust IP strategy IAW 5307.105 Contents of Written Acquisition Plans(b)(14)(iii). Coordination requests should be sent to the DAF IP Cadre Workflow.

5307.105 Contents of Written Acquisition Plans

(b) (6) Budgeting and funding. The requiring activity is responsible for ensuring funding is effectively addressed within the requirements documents and must convey these requirements to the assigned planner for inclusion in the acquisition plan.

(14) (iii) For all acquisitions, see also DoDI 5010.44, DAFI63-101/20-101, paragraph 4.7, and DAF Data Rights Guidebook regarding IP strategies.

5307.107-2 Consolidation

(a) Consolidation determinations are only required for contracts awarded and performed in the United States and Outlying Territories.

(b) See MP5301.601(a)(i)

(e) See MP5301.601(a)(i)