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Change Number: DFARS PGI Change 03/26/2024
Effective Date: 03/26/2024

PGI 217.7504 Acquisition of parts when data is not available.

PGI 217.7504 Acquisition of parts when data is not available.

When acquiring a part for which the Government does not have necessary data with rights to use in a specification or drawing for competitive acquisition, use one of the following procedures in order of preference:

(1) When items of identical design are not required, the acquisition may still be conducted through full and open competition by using a performance specification or other similar technical requirement or purchase description that does not contain data with restricted rights. Two methods are—

(i) Two-step sealed bidding; and

(ii) Brand name or equal purchase descriptions.

(2) When other than full and open competition is authorized under FAR Part 6, acquire the part from the firm that developed or designed the item or process, or its licensees, provided productive capacity and quality are adequate and the price is fair and reasonable.

(3) When additional sources are needed and the procedures in paragraph (1) of this section are not practicable, consider the following alternatives:

(i) Encourage the developer to license others to manufacture the parts;

(ii) Acquire the necessary rights in data;

(iii) Use a leader company acquisition technique (FAR Subpart 17.4) when complex technical equipment is involved and establishing satisfactory additional sources will require technical assistance as well as data; or

(iv) Incorporate a priced option in the contract that allows the Government to require the contractor to establish a second source.

(4) As a last alternative, the contracting activity may develop a design specification for competitive acquisition through reverse engineering. Contracting activities shall not do reverse engineering unless—

(i) Significant cost savings can be demonstrated; and

(ii) The action is authorized by the head of the contracting activity.