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Change Number: DFARS PGI Change 01/22/2024
Effective Date: 01/22/2024

PGI 251.101 Policy.

PGI 251.101 Policy.

(a)(1) When authorizing contractors to use Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Energy as a source of fuel in performance of other than cost-reimbursement contracts, contracting officers shall—

(i) Comply with the requirements of FAR 51.101 and DFARS 251.102, including the execution of a letter of authorization;

(ii) Include FAR clause 52.251-1, Government Supply Sources, and DFARS clause 252.251-7000, Ordering From Government Supply Sources, in the contract;

(iii) Obtain a current DLA Energy Fuel Purchase Authorization (FPA) from DLA Energy by emailing;

(iv) Email to DLA Energy, at, a copy of the—

(A) Completed FPA;

(B) Letter of authorization from the contracting officer; and

(C) Documentation showing the inclusion of FAR clause 52.251-1 and DFARS clause 252.251-7000 in the underlying contract.

(2) Upon receipt of the documentation in paragraph (a)(1)(iv)(A)-(C) of this section, DLA Energy will work with all parties to review the FPA for accuracy and completion. If approved, DLA Energy will assign a Department of Defense Activity Address Code for the fuel sales.