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Part Number: 1415

Department of the Interior Acquisition Regulation

1415.404-2 Information to support proposal analysis.

The CO shall initiate an audit by sending a completed form DI-1902, Request for Audit, to the Assistant Inspector General for Auditing, OIG (see 1453.215-70).

(a) The CO shall allow at least 30 working days in assigning a realistic deadline for receipt of the audit report. In exceptional circumstances 20 working days may be allowed but the circumstances shall be documented in the contract file.

(b) Upon receipt of a DI-1902, the OIG will conduct the audit or arrange for its conduct by the cognizant audit agency in accordance with 360 DM 3.7.

(c) Upon receipt of the audit report, the CO and the price analyst (if assigned), shall discuss any questions regarding the report's contents with the cognizant auditor. If a question cannot be resolved or agreement cannot be reached on a recommendation in the report, the CO shall prepare a written statement for the contract file documenting the decision on the matter. A copy of the statement shall be promptly forwarded to the Assistant Inspector General for Auditing for information.