Part Number: Part 1413

Department of the Interior Acquisition Regulation


Subpart 1413.2 - Micro-Purchase

1413.201 General.

The procedures set forth in the Federal Supply Schedule for Government-wide Commercial Credit Card Services, Treasury Financial Manual, TFM 4-4500, and “U.S. Department of Interior Handbook for Utilization of Government Wide Commercial Credit Card” issued by PAM contain guidance on using Government-wide purchase card services.

1413.202-70 Policy.

(a) The purchase card shall be used in preference to other methods of procurement for purchases up to $3,000. Other small purchase methods (BPAs, imprest funds, third-party drafts, SF-44 forms, and purchase orders) may be used in lieu of the Government purchase card when it is more cost-effective or practicable.

(b) The purchase card shall be issued primarily to personnel outside of procurement offices to purchase products and services up to the micro-purchase threshold ($2,000 for construction).

(c) The purchase card may be used in procurement offices for purchases up to the simplified acquisition threshold ($50,000 if not interim FACNET certified) not to exceed individual warrant limitations.

(d) Each contracting activity shall develop more specific procedures for use of purchase cards.

Subpart 1413.3 - Simplified Acquisition Methods

1413.305 Imprest fund.

1413.305-2 Agency responsibilities.

Policy governing the use and administration of imprest funds within the Department are contained in 330 DM, in addition to the policies and regulations outlined in FAR 13.305-1. HCAs shall establish written procedures for designation, by name, of personnel authorized to approve requisitions and make purchases using imprest funds. The procedures shall include a periodic review of imprest fund transactions by acquisition personnel.

1413.305-4 Procedures.

The individual authorized to make purchases using imprest funds shall be responsible for compliance with the procedures and documentation requirements of FAR 13.305-4.

1413.306 Standard Form 44, Purchase order-invoice-voucher.

HCAs are responsible for establishing bureau procedures to control the use of the SF 44 and accounting for all purchases made using the form. Bureau procedures shall include instructions covering:

(a) Maintenance of a list of designated individuals authorized to make purchases using the form;

(b) Controls for issuing the form to authorized individuals; and

(c) Review of purchase transactions using the form to assure compliance with authorized procedures.