Part Number: Part 1408

Department of the Interior Acquisition Regulation


Subpart 1408.1 - Excess Personal Property

1408.102 Policy.

Inquiries on available excess or surplus personal property should be directed to the PMO or the designee in each Bureau or Office.

Subpart 1408.8 - Acquisition of Printing and Related Supplies

1408.802 Policy.

(a) Duplicating is the mass reproduction of materials beyond the capabilities of typical office copiers. Volumes are of sufficient mass quantities up to 5,000 single-page and 25,000 production units in the aggregate of multiple pages. Such duplicating units shall require Departmental approval to be processed through the Department of the Interior Publishing Council (DOIPC).

(b) Copying is distinguished from “duplicating” in that such work is administrative in nature, produced on office copying equipment and produced as necessary, in limited quantities. Volumes typically range from 1 to 500 single-pages to 2,500 production units in the aggregate of multiple pages. This volume standard is referred to as the “500/2500” rule. Reproduction work exceeding the “500/2500” rule is duplicating, and requires a waiver from the nearest servicing GPO office. Employees should consult with their bureau printing officer or the DOIPC representative to secure such a waiver.

(c) The DOIPC has been designated as the Department's liaison with the Joint Committee on Printing and GPO. Requirements for printing and related supplies shall be coordinated with the DOIPC or the designated bureau publications liaison officer in accordance with 314 DM 1.