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Part Number: 1450

Department of the Interior Acquisition Regulation

Subpart 1450.1 - Extraordinary Contractual Actions

1450.101 General.

1450.101-2 Policy.

Requests for extraordinary contractual actions shall be submitted by the HCA to the Director, PAM, for further action.

1450.101-3 Records.

The records of actions taken under FAR Part 50 shall be maintained by the Director, PAM.

1450.102 Delegation of and limitations on exercise of authority.

1450.102-1 Delegation of authority.

The AS/PMB shall approve all actions under FAR Part 50, except for actions in excess of $55,000, actions which increase the contract price without consideration, and indemnification actions, which shall be approved by the Secretary.

1450.103 Contract adjustments.

1450.103-6 Disposition.

The CO shall submit the Memorandum of Decision including the contractor's request, contractor information in support of the request required by FAR 50.103-4, the results of the CO's investigation required by FAR 50.103-5, and the information required by FAR 50.103-6 to the SOL for review. If the SOL concurs with the Memorandum of Decision, the Memorandum of Decision will be submitted through the HCA to the Director, PAM, for further action.

1450.104 Residual powers.

1450.104-2 General.

Proposals for the exercise of residual powers shall be processed using the procedures referred to in FAR 50.104-2.

1450.104-3 Special procedures for unusually hazardous or nuclear risks.

The CO shall submit the proposed Memorandum of Decision including the contractor's request for indemnification and the information required from the CO, to the SOL for review and approval. If the SOL approves the proposed Memorandum of Decision, it shall be submitted through the HCA, to the Director, PAM, for approval or disapproval by the Secretary.