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FAC Number: 2024-03
Effective Date: 02/23/2024

13.302-1 General.

13.302-1 General.

(a) Except as provided under the unpriced purchase order method (see 13.302-2), purchase orders generally are issued on a fixed-price basis. See 12.207 for acquisition of commercial products and commercial services.

(b) Purchase orders shall-

(1) Specify the quantity of supplies or scope of services ordered;

(2) Contain a determinable date by which delivery of the supplies or performance of the services is required;

(3) Provide for inspection as prescribed in part  46. Generally, inspection and acceptance should be at destination. Source inspection should be specified only if required by part  46. When inspection and acceptance will be performed at destination, advance copies of the purchase order or equivalent notice shall be furnished to the consignee(s) for material receipt purposes. Receiving reports shall be accomplished immediately upon receipt and acceptance of supplies;

(4) Specify f.o.b. destination for supplies to be delivered within the United States, except Alaska or Hawaii, unless there are valid reasons to the contrary; and

(5) Include any trade and prompt payment discounts that are offered, consistent with the applicable principles at 14.408-3.

(c) The contracting officer’s signature on purchase orders shall be in accordance with 4.101 and the definitions at 2.101. Facsimile and electronic signature may be used in the production of purchase orders by automated methods.

(d) Limit the distribution of copies of purchase orders and related forms to the minimum deemed essential for administration and transmission of contractual information.

(e) In accordance with 31 U.S.C.3332, electronic funds transfer (EFT) is required for payments except as provided in 32.1110. See subpart  32.11 for instructions for use of the appropriate clause in purchase orders. When obtaining oral quotes, the contracting officer shall inform the quoter of the EFT clause that will be in any resulting purchase order.

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