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FAC Number: 2024-03
Effective Date: 02/23/2024

13.302-2 Unpriced purchase orders.

13.302-2 Unpriced purchase orders.

(a) An unpriced purchase order is an order for supplies or services, the price of which is not established at the time of issuance of the order.

(b) An unpriced purchase order may be used only when-

(1) It is impractical to obtain pricing in advance of issuance of the purchase order; and

(2) The purchase is for-

(i) Repairs to equipment requiring disassembly to determine the nature and extent of repairs;

(ii) Material available from only one source and for which cost cannot readily be established; or

(iii) Supplies or services for which prices are known to be competitive, but exact prices are not known (e.g., miscellaneous repair parts, maintenance agreements).

(c) Unpriced purchase orders may be issued on paper or electronically. A realistic monetary limitation, either for each line item or for the total order, shall be placed on each unpriced purchase order. The monetary limitation shall be an obligation subject to adjustment when the firm price is established. The contracting office shall follow up on each order to ensure timely pricing. The contracting officer or the contracting officer’s designated representative shall review the invoice price and, if reasonable (see 13.106-3(a)), process the invoice for payment.

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