FAC Number: 2023-01
Effective Date: 12/30/2022

32.002 Applicability of subparts.

32.002 Applicability of subparts.

      (a) The following sections and subparts of this part are applicable to all purchases subject to part  32:

           (1) Sections 32.000 through 32.009.

           (2) subpart  32.3, Loan Guarantees for Defense Production.

           (3) subpart  32.6, Contract Debts.

           (4) subpart  32.7, Contract Funding.

           (5) subpart  32.8, Assignment of Claims.

           (6) subpart  32.9, Prompt Payment.

           (7) subpart  32.11, Electronic Funds Transfer.

      (b) subpart  32.2, Commercial Product and Commercial Service Purchase Financing, is applicable only to purchases of commercial products and commercial services under authority of part  12.

      (c) The following subparts of this part are applicable to all purchases made under any authority other than part  12:

           (1) subpart  32.1, Financing for Other Than a Commercial Purchase.

           (2) subpart  32.4, Advance Payments for Other Than Commercial Acquisitions.

           (3) subpart  32.5, Progress Payments Based on Costs.

           (4) subpart  32.10, Performance-Based Payments.

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