FAC Number: 2023-02
Effective Date: 03/16/2023

32.409-1 Recommendation for approval.

32.409-1 Recommendation for approval.

If recommending approval, the contracting officer shall transmit the following, under agency procedures, to the approving authority:

(a) Contract data, including-

(1) Identification and date of the award;

(2) Citation of the appropriation;

(3) Type and dollar amount of the contract;

(4) Items to be supplied, schedule of deliveries or performance, and status of any deliveries or performance;

(5) The contract fee or profit contemplated; and

(6) A copy of the contract, if available.

(b) The contractor’s request and supporting information.

(c) A report on the contractor’s past performance, responsibility, technical ability, and plant capacity.

(d) Comments on-

(1) The contractor’s need for advance payments; and

(2) Potential Government benefits from the contract performance.

(e) Proposed advance payment contract terms, including proposed security requirements.

(f) The findings, determination, and authorization (see 32.410).

(g) The recommendation for approval of the advance payment request.

(h) Justification of any proposal for waiver of interest charges (see 32.407).

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