Change Number: DFARS PGI Change 08/26/2022
Effective Date: 08/26/2022

PGI 204.1603 Procedures.

(a)(3)(A)(3) Legacy contract writing systems authorized to use the letter T in position 9 of the PIID for automated requests for quotation include the following:

(i) Department of Navy’s Item Management and Procurement (ITIMP) system.

(ii) Defense Logistics Agency’s Enterprise Business System (EBS).

(b) Elements of a supplementary PIID.

(1) Examples of proper numbering for positions 2-6 (the first position will be either A or P) are as follows:

(2) If the contract administration office is changing the contract administration or disbursement office for the first time and is using computer generated modifications to notify many offices, it uses the six position supplementary number ARZ999. If either office has to be changed again during the life of the contract, the supplementary number will be ARZ998, and on down as needed.