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Change Number: DFARS PGI Change 03/26/2024
Effective Date: 03/26/2024

PGI 225.373 Contract administration in support of contingency operations.

PGI 225.373 Contract administration in support of contingency operations.

(1) In accordance with Joint Publication 1, Doctrine for the Armed Forces of the United States, at, the geographic combatant commander or subordinate joint force commander, through his command authority to exercise operational control, has the authority to exercise control over the assignment of contract administration during contingency operations, consistent with the combat support agency’s established mission functions, responsibilities, and core competencies, for contracts requiring delivery of items or performance within the area of operations.

(2) In certain contingency operations, the combatant commander or joint force commander may promulgate theater or joint operations area guidance for contracting that may include establishing—

(i) A contracting command and control structure;

(ii) Head of contracting activity responsibilities, specific orders, and policies, including local clauses;

(iii) Roles and responsibilities of DoD components and supporting agencies in contract formation and execution; and

(iv) Procedures and requirements for contract clearance and contract administration of contracts requiring delivery of items and performance within the area of operations.

(3) When a combat support agency is tasked by the combatant commander to provide contingency contract administration services in support of contingency operations and such support will be required for a long duration, the combat support agency shall initiate a memorandum of agreement with the combatant commander or joint force commander. This agreement shall clearly delineate the purpose of the support, respective responsibilities of the combat support agency and the joint, lead service, or service contracting activity requesting the support, combat support agency support parameters, and a resolution process for resolving support issues.

(i) The memorandum of agreement should focus on maximizing the combat support agency’s core competencies to address the more critical, complex, high-risk, and specialized oversight requirements.

(ii) The memorandum of agreement should take into consideration the combat support agency’s core competencies, workload priorities, and contract administration services support parameters for accepting requests for contract administration services support.

(iii) A combat support agency shall not be assigned to perform tasks outside its mission functions, responsibilities, or core competencies.

(iv) Contracting officers contemplating requesting contract administration support in a contingency area from a combat support agency should first ascertain whether such a memorandum of agreement exists by contacting their combat support agency point of contact and/or checking the combatant commander operational contract support website (referenced in DFARS PGI 225.370 ).

(v) The following is a notional format for a memorandum of agreement for contract administration services support;

(A) Purpose: Outline formal procedures for requesting contract administration services support, describe objectives associated with combat support agency providing such support.

(B) Reference: Key documents or reference(s) associated with the execution of the contract administration services support.

(C) Clearing-house functions performed by the designated joint or lead component contracting activity in the operational area–

(1) Contract clearance parameters – when required;

(2) Contract delegation parameters – when required.

(D) Contract administration services support parameters—

(1) Acceptable for delegation - contract types that will be accepted by the combat support agency based on risk, dollar threshold, geographic dispersion of performance, service type, criticality of acceptance, or other criteria;

(2) Generally not be delegated – below-threshold contract types;

(3) Will not be delegated – no agency expertise to oversee.

(E) Delegation process – process for accepting and assigning contract administration services tasks within the combat support agency.

(F) Joint resolution process – procedures in the event of disagreement on actions to be supported by the combat support agency.

(G) Term of the Agreement and Modification - length of time the agreement will be in effect and procedures for the parties to modify or terminate it.

(4) Disputes regarding requested support should be resolved at the lowest management level possible, through a predetermined resolution process. When support issues arise that affect the ability of a combat support agency to provide contract administration support that cannot be resolved at lower management levels, follow procedures set forth in DoDI 3000.06, Combat Support Agencies, paragraphs 5.6.8 and 5.6.9, (

(5) Responsibilities of the head of the contracting activity for contingency contract closeout are addressed at DFARS 204.804(2). See also planning considerations at PGI 207.105 (b)(20)(C)(8).