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Change Number: NMCARS Change 18-22
Effective Date: 07/11/2022



Subpart 5207.1 - ACQUISITION PLANS

5207.103 Agency-head responsibilities.

(d)(i) An acquisition program is a directed, funded effort that provides a new, improved, or continuing materiel, weapon or information system, or service capability in response to an approved need.

(ii) Notwithstanding the DFARS exemption for one-time buys, streamlined acquisition plans (STRAPs) are required for the following categories of acquisitions meeting the thresholds in DFARS 207.103(d)(i):

(A) Military construction;

(B) Commercial items;

(C) Spare and repair parts;

(D) Items of supply that are managed on a national basis where requirements are computed in accordance with established DOD/DON inventory management policy/regulation;

(E) Overhaul and/or modification of naval vessels, small vessels and crafts (including MSC vessels/crafts);

(F) Overhaul and/or modification of engines;

(G) Operation and maintenance of weapon test/training ranges;

(H) Ocean towage;

(I) Commercial activities;

(J) Architect-engineer;

(K) Major station maintenance and repair; and

(L) Component overhaul/maintenance/repair at the depot, intermediate or organizational levels.

(e) Notwithstanding the DFARS requirement to write some acquisition plans on a program basis, STRAPs may be written on either an individual or program basis. STRAPs are required for task and delivery orders where the value for the order requires an AP (see Table 5207-1 below). The level of detail expected for each document shall be commensurate with the complexity, total planned value, and performance risk of the procurement.

(i) Acquisition planners shall ensure that the assigned small business specialist is afforded the opportunity to participate actively in the acquisition planning process.

(j)(i) DASN(P) is the approval authority for APs that include individual contract actions with an estimated value of $250,000,000 or more, including options, except if the contract action is included in a current acquisition strategy for an ACAT program approved by the milestone decision authority.

(ii) Table 5207-1, STRAP/Management and Oversight Process for the Acquisition of Services – Streamlined (MOPAS-S) Requirements and Approvals, provides the approval requirements. The values depicted are the estimated contract value inclusive of options. See Annex 4 for STRL deviations applicable hereto.

(iii) When DASN(P) or the Navy Senior Services Manager (SSM) is the approving official, a HCA, Program Executive Officer (PEO), or Direct Reporting Program Manager’s (DRPM) signature recommending approval is also required.

(iv) Submit STRAPs, including revisions to the plans, requiring DASN(P) or the Navy SSM review and approval by email at RDAJ&As.fct with the subject “[Activity Name] NMCARS 5207.103 – STRAP Review and Approval.”

(l)(i) The required formats for the STRAPs are as follows (see Table 5207-1, STRAP/MOPAS-S Requirements and Approvals, for their required use)--

(A) Annex 17 - Program STRAP (PSTRAP) for supplies;

(B) Annex 18 - Individual STRAP (ISTRAP) for supplies;

(C) Annex 19 - Program STRAP that includes services valued over the simplified acquisition threshold (SAT) (PSTRAP-M);

(D) Annex 20 – Individual STRAP that includes services valued over the SAT (ISTRAP-M).

(ii) The required format for use for services can be found in Annex 21 – MOPAS-S for services. See 5237.170-2 and 5237.503 for further details.

(iii) No changes are authorized to Annexes 17-21 for actions requiring DASN(P) or the Navy SSM review and approval. HCAs, without power of delegation, shall approve any modifications to Annexes 17 - 21 that are approved at the Activity level. Copies of the approval to modify any STRAP or MOPAS-S formats and the modified document shall be provided by email at RDAJ&As.fct with the subject “[Activity Name] NMCARS 5207.105 – Modification to the STRAP/MOPAS-S” within 10 days of approval.

(iv) Any revisions to previously approved acquisition plans shall be submitted in the streamlined format. STRAPs shall be updated when changes occur. Revisions and updates shall be sent to the original approver for signature unless changes in the funding amounts correspond to a new dollar threshold level that changes the approving authority.

Table 5207-1 - STRAP/MOPAS-S Requirements and Approvals.

Approving Authority Legend:

* = HCA/PEO/DRPM ^ = Navy Senior Services Manager # = DASN(P)

5207.105 Contents of written acquisition plans.

Notwithstanding the requirements in FAR 7.105 and DFARS 207.105, the Navy acquisition planning process is streamlined to describe the irreducible minimum content allowed for a STRAP. The specific content of STRAPs shall conform to the templates found in Annexes 17 through 20 (see 5207.103 for additional details, including approvals). For revisions to an individual contract within a previously approved PSTRAP or PSTRAP-M (as appropriate), use of an ISTRAP or ISTRAP-M for the individual contract is acceptable.

(S-90) (a) The planner shall submit a PSTRAP, using Annex 17 or Annex 19, when the requirements office chooses to write a single plan for all known program actions.

(b) The planner shall submit an ISTRAP, Annex 18 or Annex 20, when there is only one contract, task or delivery order to be covered by the plan.

5207.106 Additional requirements for major systems.

(S-73) If a waiver request for major system special preservation and tooling is pursued, submit the request for USD(AT&L) approval via DASN(P) by email at RDAJ&As.fct with the subject “[Activity Name] DFARS 207.106--USD(AT&L) Waiver Request.” All waiver requests shall be signed by the HCA, program manager, CCO, and contracting officer.

5207.107 Additional requirements for acquisitions involving consolidation, bundling, or substantial bundling.

5207.107-2 Consolidation.

(e)(2)(i) Approval authority for the determination that use of a consolidated contract is necessary and justified is delegated to—

(A) DASN(P) when the approval authority for the associated STRAP is DASN(P) or the Navy Senior Services Manager. Submit requests for approval to DASN(P) by email at RDAJ&As.fct with the subject “[Activity Name] FAR 7.107-2— Consolidation Determination Approval.” See Annex 4 for STRL deviations applicable hereto.

(B) The HCA for all other actions. The HCA approval authority may be delegated, without power of redelegation, only to the Deputy/Assistant Commander for Contracts, a Flag or General Officer or SES who is a member of the Acquisition Professional Community, or, for commands/locations without a local SES/Flag/General Officer, to the Commanding Officer. See Annex 4 for STRL deviations applicable hereto.

5207.107-3 Bundling.

(f)(2)(i) Submit requests for approval with a copy of the approved AS, STRAP, or MOPAS-S via DASN(P) by email at RDAJ&As.fct with the subject “[Activity Name] FAR 7.107-3—Bundling Determination Approval.”


5207.204 Responsibilities of contracting officers.

(a) Information provided by offerors in response to this solicitation provision shall be forwarded to the requiring activity for consideration.


5207.503 Policy.

(e) Disagreements regarding the requiring official's determination shall be resolved by the CCO before issuance of a solicitation. Advice of counsel shall be obtained.


5207.7002 Authority to acquire additional quantities of end items.

Determinations for use of this authority shall be prepared as Determinations and Findings (D&Fs) (see FAR Subpart 1.7) for approval by ASN(RDA). Submit determinations via DASN(P) by email at RDAJ&As.fct with the subject “[Activity Name] DFARS 207.7002 - Acquisition of Additional Quantities of End Items D&F Review and Approval.” Proposed determinations shall include a review by the activity comptroller.